About the Author

Ellen Davis has been a top insurance and mortgage executive for more than 30 years and works to consistently uncover the best possible plans for her clients.

Ellen knows the importance of building relationships to fully understand her client’s financial goals. She strives to create Raving Fans of her clients through exceptional service and the ability to customize every plan for you, the client.

Ellen is committed to the satisfaction of her clients and their families, and she will work hard to make your insurance review a pleasant experience.

To learn more about Ellen and how she can help you achieve your dreams of owning a home or protecting all that you have worked to achieve, fill out the contact form below and she’ll get back to you shortly.

8 responses to “About the Author

  1. COOL! Congratulations Ellen! You know how grateful I was that you helped me realize my dream of moving to the Beach. Without the loan you got me I couldn’t have done it. I’m sure every perspective client has some hurdles but you got me a big loan with little income based on selling my house. But of course I had to have the loan in place before the house sold…thank you thank you…and continued success!


  2. Ellen:

    Congrats. Your efforts and knowledge over the years have been invaluable. You are a joy to work with as well. The simple fact is this. You are the most professional and results oriented individual we have dealt with in the past thirty years. You get it done. Continued success.



  3. My husband and I are very picky consumers – we are slow and deliberate in almost every purchase we make (I think this comes from being very cheap…). Ellen took a lot of time with us – on the phone, in person, even at the closing – to make sure we understood and were comfortable with every decision and every charge over the life of the loan. We were so pleased with her that we used her on our next home purchase as well – and we’ve referred her to several friends. Thank you Ellen!!!


  4. Unlike the above poster, I go by intuition and trust and don’t want to be bothered with details. Ellen led me through the process and explained the details when I asked. We did two mortgages with less than 15 minutes conversation each.
    Perhaps not your style, but mine! She knew her stuff, so I didn’t need to.


  5. It was great working with you. You explained everything so we understood each step. Thank you again. We will refer you to everyone we know.


  6. Joan Doherty

    Trust is the underlying principle in this process. If you put your trust in Ellen the you’ll find the rest of the journey quite manageable. Her knowledge, professionalism and skill at helping you assess what is in your best interest and what is the best way to achieve your goal was invaluable in helping me sell my home and getting me a new one. Ellen affords her clients complete access to her time and expertise. As a result of my experiences with her I have now used 5 of her recommended professional service providers with equally satisfying results. It is a pleasure to congratulate her on her new ventures in this business. I plan to keep in close contact with her and her associates and have recommended her highly many times.

    Thank you.


  7. Hello

    Wow!!! Your site is beautiful!! I love the artwork.



  8. Just a brief note to express my deep gratitude for all your patience, expertise and good humor as you guided me through the convoluted path to a construction loan. We’ve broken ground and it feels great!


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